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Human Spaces Global Report

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Opening Message From Professor Sir Cary Cooper

This new research report is an important and practical piece, showcasing for the first time the universal connectivity of humans with their natural and built environments. As well as enabling organizations to make links between their physical spaces and the performance of their people, this study throws light on some of the cultural differences at work across the world, and offers an answer to one of the defining factors of modern life – our ability to cope with urbanization and loss of connection with green spaces. The backdrop to this report is both the movement of populations from rural to urban environments, and the psychology of work – what do we expect and need, and are those expectations different from country to country, organization to organization? The new findings revealed in this report, about how nature and biophilic design impact our well-being, productivity and creativity at work, are significant. But I hope of equal significance is that this report can inspire business owners and commercial designers to take a new approach and prompt everyone to think about their own unique workplace and how best it can support people to thrive.

Professor Sir Cary Cooper, CBE, Professor of Organizational Psychology and Health at Lancaster University, and leading expert on well-being and stress at work.

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