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Professor Sir Cary Cooper, CBE

Professor of Organisational Psychology and Health,
Lancaster University,
Founding Director, Robertson Cooper

Cary is recognised as one of the world’s leading experts on well being and stress at work and is the media’s first choice for comment on workplace issues. He is a Fellow of the British Psychological Society, The Royal Society of Arts, The Royal Society of Medicine, The Royal Society of Health and an Honorary Fellow of the Royal College of Physicians, Editor-in-Chief of the Blackwell Encyclopaedia of Management and the author/editor of over 120 books.

Cary was awarded the Lifetime Practitioner Award from the British Psychology Society in recognition of his services to the profession. He acted as Lead Scientist in the ‘Foresight Review of Mental Capital and Well Being’ which influenced government policy regarding well-being in all aspects of society. He is an active member of the Robertson Cooper team, focusing on strategy, external relations and PR activity. In June 2014 he was awarded a Knighthood in the Queen’s Birthday Honours list and was also voted the 1st Most Influential HR Thinker of 2014 by HR Magazine.

Bill Browning

Bill Browning is one of the green building industry’s foremost thinkers and strategists, and a Partner in Terrapin Bright Green LLC. His expertise has been sought out by organizations as diverse as Fortune 500 companies, leading universities, non-profit organizations, the US military, and foreign governments. Bill was a founding member of the US Green Building Council’s Board of Directors, and is the Chair of Greening America. In addition to research and consulting, Bill writes and lectures widely on sustainable design and building practises.

Bill is based in Washington, D.C. and Manhattan, New York.

Biophilic design hub powered by Interface

Interface is the world’s largest global manufacturer of commercial modular flooring. Its flooring products combine beauty and innovation with functionality and environmental integrity to help customers bring their design vision to life.

Interface was one of the first companies to publicly commit to sustainability, when it made a pledge in the mid-nineties to eliminate its impact on the environment by 2020. Known as Mission Zero, it influences every aspect of the business and inspires the company to continually push the boundaries in order to achieve its goal.

Interface is now more than half way to reaching Mission Zero and has been widely recognized for its achievements to date. Its products have also received several awards, specifically for design and innovation, the most recent being The Athenaeum Good Design Awards for Fotosfera and Urban Retreat.

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