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Coming Soon: A New Human Spaces

When we first launched in 2014, we intended for it to become a resource for those interested in the growing study of biophilic design. Since then, it has become a real community of designers, architects, researchers, nonprofits, authors, industry leaders, and enthusiasts worldwide – all focused on how the built environment can affect our well-being.

As the study of biophilic design has grown, so too has interest in other topics around human-centered design. Because of this, we’ve decided to move Human Spaces to a new home at the end of January.

The new Human Spaces will continue to serve as a hub for all things biophilic design with contributions from our regular authors and collaborators. However, it will be evolving to include more discussion around sustainability, human-focused design issues, and worldwide cultural trends.

We hope that you will continue to explore biophilic design with us. Your readership has been key to the success of Human Spaces, and we can’t be thankful enough for your support over the last few years.


– Interface


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