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A Natural Night’s Sleep

A Natural Nights Sleep

Not getting enough sleep has been linked to health issues, specifically those related to mental and cognitive health, with significant links to depression and obesity.

However, there may be a natural remedy.

According to a recent study by the University of Illinois, people who live close to bodies of water or green spaces are less likely to suffer from poor sleep. In fact, the study has demonstrated that sleep levels, and overall health and wellbeing can be improved with consistent access to nature.

The study asked 250,000 American adults various questions to find out if there was a link between insufficient sleep and lack of exposure to nature.

Professor Diana Grigsby-Toussaint, who specialises in public health, notes the experiment showed those who had up to a month’s worth of insufficient sleep a year were often disassociated from nature, compared with those with just a week’s worth.

The study also suggested that exposure to nature had a greater impact on the sleep levels of men than women. Though, nature was deemed a ‘potent sleep aid’ in both men and women aged 65 and over.

There are a number of reasons why nature could be helping people get adequate rest. People who live near green spaces are more likely to participate in regular physical activity, with even light exercise being shown to aid sleep and improve general health overall.

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