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The Sentiment Cocoon

Sentiment Cocoon

Sentiment Cocoon

For three years, independent design firm, Arup, has shone a spotlight on innovative installations and sculptures from talented designers and architectural practices with its annual competition, No. 8@arup.

This year’s entrants were asked to respond to the theme “Designing for People”, by aspiring to create efficient and comfortable environments where people are productive and also inspired, motivated, healthy and happy. A truly ‘human space’.

The winning entry was the “Sentiment Cocoon”: an interactive installation designed by architect Moritz Behrens and lighting designer Konstantinos Mavromichalis, which aims to capture people’s feelings and depict them through the medium of light.

The 20-metre high cocoon occupies the atrium in Arup’s London office.

Employees and visitors are encouraged to share their sentiments via one of the interactive dashboards installed on each of the five office floors.

A sophisticated algorithm then feeds participants’ feelings through to an LED light field in the spine of the cocoon using different colours and movement. As such, changes in colour gradients and the movement of colour create different patterns to signify people’s changing moods.

Over time, the aim is for staff to be able to understand the overriding sentiment of the day within the office – all by using light.

This is a very intelligent way of measuring workplace well-being. We’re very impressed by the technology and the use of a social platform to bring people together in pursuit of constructing a responsive building that’s in tune with employees’ needs in real time.

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