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Royal Horticultural Society calls for more Green Gardens

Green wall on a building

Did you know a staggering 15 million square miles of Britain’s front gardens are completely paved? That’s three times as many than just a decade ago.

The research, by gardening charity the Royal Horticultural Society, is eye-opening and called on Britain’s homeowners to “transform hard, cold grey areas into living planted up beautiful places.”

Many people now live and work in urban environments. Being close to nature is believed by many experts to improve health and wellbeing of people dealing with the daily stresses of towns and cities – and what better place to make the most of the natural world than your own front garden?

Workplaces are also becoming increasingly aware of the benefits of biophilic design with many organisations embracing elements of the natural world to alleviate employee stress levels, and boost productivity and creativity.

Most people spend their days between work and home; so as the positive effects of biophilia are felt in workplaces nationwide, we may hope to see homeowners ditch their paved front gardens in favour of greener spaces.

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