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Millennials; The Biophilic Generation

Organic is a word often heard in advertising but lately the word has taken new form. Millennials, the young generation that agencies have slapped a target on, have now pressed on to become the generation that aspires to live an organic and biophilic lifestyle. This biophilic lifestyle refers to humans innate connection with nature. Millennials are now leading this world-wide push to bring nature back into urban lifestyles. The younger generation no longer wants to live in the concrete jungle and they aspire to have more natural and organic attributes surrounding them.

In terms of advertising, marketing, and trends, whatever the leading generation wants is what it gets. Over the past couple years, we have started to see a major change in city designs, global trends, office space, and advertising campaigns. What once was an abandoned railroad is now an urban running/biking trail, what once was neon is now natural-toned, enclosed offices are now bringing in artificial sunlight, and top agencies are starting to make nature a centerpiece in their advertisement campaigns.

With most generations, we tend to see trends come and go as the first adapters age and their lifestyles fluctuate. However, it seems like this biophilic movement is here to stay. With a population that is gravitating more towards urban areas, the only way for people to obtain this biophilic lifestyle is to infuse the city life with nature.

As marketing and advertising agencies approach the millennial generation, and gen z for that matter, campaigns should coincide with biophilia. Recently, we’ve done a lot of work and data gathering for a few major tourism boards. What we’ve found is that younger generations are less inclined to travel to stereotypical tourist destinations and are more intrigued by remote destinations full of culture and natural beauty. Biophilia is not only in high demand in the travel industry but it’s slowly becoming the hottest topic in every sector. If companies and agencies what to connect with this younger generation that they so highly regard, it seems it’s time to “turn over a new leaf” and look where it all began – nature.

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