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Tackling Excessive Noise in Open Plan Work Environments

If you have ever worked in a noisy office environment, you will have probably faced many of the everyday distractions, whether it’s a talkative co-worker, loud phone noises or the radio.

Many offices adopt an open plan layout as a way to aid collaborative work, but while bringing people together, an exposed space can be disruptive. Maintaining a balance between efficient, open workplaces without compromising on individual well-being and productivity is a challenge for many businesses.

Research by the Avanta Serviced Office Group recently highlighted that seven out of ten open plan office workers are affected by excessive noise.

Excessive noise in these environments can have a significant impact on short-term productivity and staff motivation, which can have long-term negative effects on employee well-being, and, in turn, business revenue.

Acoustic design is full of simple techniques that employers can use to make open spaces as ergonomic as possible for their workers. Technology, such as sound absorbing panels, can reduce noise in breakout areas, and installing carpet instead of hard flooring can absorb unwanted sounds and reduce echo throughout a space.

Remember, there are many different ways to improve the acoustics of a room. With some careful thought to office design and materials, the way in which we view our working environments can be drastically changed for us all. Comment below if you think excessive office noise is affecting your work performance.

Google Meeting Egg

Creating microspaces for meetings is a great way to reduce overall noise


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