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A Responsibility for Productivity

Plant in the 'Green Group' office

There are many small steps that can make an enormous difference to the motivation and satisfaction of the employees in a working environment. Participation and appreciation are the two most important factors that can help with achieving these goals and optimising the productivity in an office.


The individual design of workspaces plays a vital role in this process. In all work environment planning, it is important to pay specific attention to the position and equipment of the workstations in the room, as well as to the lighting, the acoustics and the effective design of storage space, in order to create an optimal and individual workspace for every employee.


In one previously lead project, the use of a ‘Green Group’ was employed. Employees in this ‘Green Group’ expressed that they’d like to have plants in their workspaces – so they were provided with a gardener who developed and implemented the idea with them. In order for the project to succeed, the employees had to commit to taking care of the plants and continuing with that responsibility in the future. The “Green Group” consisted of 12 employees from different departments within the office, who were all personally involved, received appreciation and recognition from their other co-workers and who felt a level of responsibility for the project. This project ultimately succeeded in creating a rapport between these employees and the company, which led to an increased feeling of appreciation for the employees, which in turn resulted in an increase in overall productivity. Aside from this benefit, the formation of a relationship between employee and employer also sends a positive message to the rest of the workforce, underpinning the idea that all employees should aim to “become part of a daily routine with the goal to make every day a special day“.


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