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Do we know enough about engaging employees?

A recent roundtable event held by Management Today and UNUM on staff engagement, brought many questions to the surface about what people are actually looking for in an employer and whether being a caring company really has an effect on the bottom line.

It was a popular consensus that existing research into employee engagement doesn’t yet provide enough tangible evidence for companies to act upon. Interestingly, many still agreed that creating and embracing an innovative, creative culture where people can come with ideas is key to engagement and retention of staff.

One expert suggested that engagement is all down to what people live, breathe, feel and see. I couldn’t agree more. Designing office spaces that engage the senses and promote creativity and well-being is vital for organisations that want a high performing workforce. According to The Human Spaces report natural elements, such as greenery and sunlight, can increase staff well-being by up to 13 per cent and significantly impact creativity.

We know well-being is climbing up the corporate agenda, and the design of office spaces is at the heart of the debate. I’d love to hear if any of you have introduced any natural elements into your workplace and if this has had any overall impact on employee productivity, creativity or overall engagement?

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