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Changing priorities in Office Design – Fast Company

In past years there has been a shift in office design. Where simple metrics used to rule (“How many people can I fit in this space?” “What is the cheapest way to conform to regulations?”), there is now a lot of attention for specific spaces for creativity, collaboration and concentration. You could call it a shift from input-driven working conditions to output driven ones.

Beatriz Arantes argues we should bring something else into the workspace that we were supposed to leave at the door – emotions. She argues office design can have a profound impact on emotional wellbeing, and we know happy people usually perform well.

Arantes gives us three ways to improve emotional wellbeing:
– Encourage a sense of belonging
– Help people see their worth
– Encourage engagement by promoting mindfulness

It seems Biophilic Design can play a major role in fulfilling these aims. Creating spaces that stimulate specific types of work or emotions is one of the keys to better emotional health. Who can concentrate in a dining hall?

Read the whole article for more in-depth analysis. Do you think we should leave emotions at the door or should feelings drive the business? Let us know in the comments!

Source: Fast Company

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