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Designing for positive sensory stimulus

As technology pushes us to be ever more focused towards the visual sense, it’s worth remembering the richness that our other senses offer when experiencing spaces. Harnessing this value is a means to creating a greater sense of health and well-being in the spaces we inhabit.


There are many ways to create a multi layered sensory approach to spatial design; consideration to the visual stimuli, haptic (touch), olfactory (smell) and acoustic (sound) environments can create richer more meaningful spaces.

  •  Careful consideration of the visual sense will create spaces that appeal to our innate desire to connect with nature, offering views out, natural light, plus evocative images of patterns, textures and images that remind us that we are deeply connected to the natural world.
  • A positive approach to acoustic design can create more usable, comfortable spaces; allowing us greater concentration, focus, and calm, whilst facilitating a connection to nature creating spaces that offer restorative stress reduction.
  • Olfactory consideration will create energising dynamic environments that take into account air quality, reduced toxins, and an evocation of calm restful natural experiences.

Designing with the sense of touch (haptics) in mind creates spaces filled with natural textures and surfaces that can subtly massage the body creating spaces that physically connect us to nature to invigorate, or calm and soothe us throughout the day.

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  1. Since Kids Spend most of their time in School Would Love to see a Model School Design that Reduces violence, Evokes Divergent thinking/Self-directed Learning/Critical Thinking, and Allows Students/Staff a Healthy Environment
    Large Windows, Atriums, Indoor Multi-Story Forest, Brook, Rock, Nature Prints, Interprative Learning, Green Roofs with Classroom/Lounge, Native Landscaping, Nature Sounds/Smells inside, and Natural Materials throughout

    Eric | 3 years ago | Reply

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