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Wellbeing of green

Office break escapes, picnics in the park and country walks at the weekend, are increasingly part of our restorative pilgrimages to find refuge in green spaces.

Green is positioned at the centre of the electromagnetic spectrum, being the colour that naturally provides balance between red, blue and yellow and is the colour that requires least adjustment by the eye. The psychological properties of green are well known for restoring our inner equilibrium and bringing a welcomed sense of calm and harmony to the mix. The presence of green in our environment is reassuring on a primitive level, as it indicates the presence of water and most importantly life (and Mother Nature). We feel revived, refreshed and rested after a healthy dose of time surrounded by the green and natural environment.

Moss tables combine design with health and wellbeing

Secret Garden Table by Ayodhya

Ceiling flowers are decorative and calming, great for wellbeing.

Sky Planter by Patrick Morris

Pendant Lamp That Lights, Grows & Cleans The Air | Health and Wellbeing

Babylone Pendant lamp by Greenworks

Research is suggesting a projected rise that approximately 75% of the world’s people will be living in Urban environments by 2050* (Boomers Millennial report published by Orangebox 2012). Naturally, a growing trend to integrate the recognised benefits of nature and greenery into Urban architecture and interiors, is becoming increasingly apparent.

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  2. Excellenet work…. we should enhance the inoor our door connection in a pragmatic manner which is easy to maintain.

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